10 Movie Franchises With Recurring Easter Eggs

Pixar just can't help themselves sometimes.


Movie directors think they're so clever, don't they? Oh yeah, sure, they mastered the gamble of filmmaking and managed to turn one of the most difficult and prone to error crafts in all the arts into their personal stallion to carry them into fame and fortune, but does that mean they have to rub it in our faces.

Well, yes, but only so long as they're clever about it!

Such cleverness can take many forms, but none so popular as the easter egg. Named after an easter egg hunt held on the set of Rocky Horror Picture Show left a few eggs in the shot of the final film, this is basically a director taking part in a running gag in the franchise they're a part of.

Whether it's a line, a visual, or a bit of symbolism exclusive to the story it's in, easter eggs can take all sorts of forms. Some of them are clever, some are downright inspired. This is a list counting down the absolute best of the best.

These clever little touches rewarded you, the viewer, for keeping your eye open.


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