10 Movie Mentors Who Were Actually Complete Morons

10. God -€“ Bruce Almighty

Bruce Almighty God
Buena Vista International

In Bruce Almighty, God takes on the mentor role with Jim Carrey to stop the latter being a tool. So far, so good -€“ that's an excellent premise for a film. Yet the way God chooses to do it is circumspect at best:€“ for all intents and purposes, he just hands the whole lot over to Bruce, daring him to do better. Now, I know he doesn't actually hand the whole lot over to Bruce, but Bruce thinks he has.

What God's effectively done give the guy a free pass to mental illness. I get nervous when I have to speak in public, so even if Bruce as the most stable guy in the world (spoiler, he's not), having the weight of the world on his shoulders would surely give him an anxiety disorder. In fact, after Bruce has finished clowning around and shoving monkeys up gangster rectums, he realises he's probably bitten off more than he can chew. In what way is overwhelming your charge a good thing? I know the idea was to bring Bruce down a peg or two, but there's surely a more effective way to do it than actually crushing his spirit.

Furthermore, what about the people of Buffalo? God's basically put them at the whims of a neurotic reporter who makes shockingly bad decisions. Remember when he granted everyone's prayers? I'm willing to be that some prayers were pretty dark -€“ most people have gone to bed praying their boss gets hit by a bus at least once, so what of those people? Unless his computer software had some filters, God's put 260,000 people at risk to teach one man a lesson. Not knowing the ramifications of your actions must surely mark you down as a bad mentor, and the above is nothing on the tsunami Bruce causes seducing Jennifer Aniston.


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