10 Movie Mistakes Left In To Troll You

What's creepier than the villain "eating" a fly?

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Mistakes are inevitable in even the most meticulously crafted of movies, because the highly collaborative, fast-moving, and especially expensive nature of filmmaking makes exact precision difficult if not impossible. Mistakes are nevertheless a totally undesirable part of the creative process - usually, anyway.

Obsessive directors often go to great lengths to maintain a strong sense of continuity between shots and scenes, but even the most perfectionist of filmmakers can't get it right every time.

There are, however, those directors who decided to take a potentially damning cinematic gaffe and make a bit of a joke out of it, whether by drawing attention to the mistake during editing or even finding a way to enhance it.

In every instance, these mistakes were presented with a sly wink at the audience, keenly poking a little fun at obsessive "mistake-hunters" who love to seek out movie errors wherever they can find them.

Basically, there's little joy to be had in mocking the filmmakers for these mistakes, because they were totally in on the joke and tried to have as much fun with it as possible...

10. The Stormtrooper Hits His Head - Star Wars: A New Hope

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Is there any movie mistake more legendary than the hilariously clumsy Stromtrooper from the very first Star Wars movie?

As a trio of Stormtroopers enter the Death Star's control room while Luke (Mark Hamill) and co. face off against the trash compactor, the Stormtrooper on the right smacks his head on the room's low-hanging door.

Though many fans might've missed it on their first viewing, over the last 40-something years it's endured as one of the most outrageously entertaining gaffes in cinema history, and one which has seen fans obsessively debate its nature ever since.

While George Lucas himself has rarely talked about the mistake, Stormtrooper actor Laurie Goode revealed in recent years that his coordination error was the result of an upset stomach, and he was shocked to see the flub take actually used in the final film.

Lucas seemingly enjoyed the mistake enough that he even amped up the "thunk" sound effect for later releases of A New Hope, and even included an hilarious nod to it in Attack of the Clones when Jango Fett (Temuera Morrison) hit his head on a ship door.


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