10 Movie Mistakes You Can Never Unsee

These movies will never be the same.

Batman Returns
Warner Bros.

Filmmaking is such an enormously complex undertaking that it's little surprise even the most modest projects are typically jam-packed with mistakes.

After all, with hundreds of people working on a project at different stages of development, it's impossible for any one person to keep track of everything.

But it's also fair to say that the overwhelming majority of movie mistakes are easily ignored nitpicks that only the most uncommonly eagle-eyed viewers will ever catch. And even if you're told about them, you'll typically forget long before your next viewing.

Then there are those mistakes which are so blatant, so bizarre, and perhaps even so unpleasant, that there's virtually no chance of your brain ever not remembering them.

Though these mistakes hardly break their respective movies, each is nevertheless overt enough to raise some eyebrows and make it clear that somebody, somewhere, wasn't doing their job, or in the very least assumed audiences wouldn't notice a filmmaking shortcut or two.

So be warned: once you're made aware of these mistakes, you'll never watch these movies quite the same way ever again...


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