10 Movie Mistakes You Can Never Unsee

8. Julia Roberts' Shapeshifting Breakfast - Pretty Woman

Pretty Woman Julia Roberts
Buena Vista

This is one of the most infamous mistakes from any major Hollywood movie, and so one that's practically impossible to ignore.

When Vivian (Julia Roberts) is having breakfast with Edward (Richard Gere) in Pretty Woman, her breakfast magically transforms from a croissant into a pancake during the mere seconds where we cut between the two of them.

Some fans have tried to argue that Vivian simply put the croissant down and started noshing on the pancake, but given that the pancake already has a bite taken out of it when we cut back to her, it's definitely just an editing error.

Like most movie scenes, the final sequence was constructed from a number of takes, and the continuity checker was evidently asleep at the wheel by allowing Julia Roberts to seemingly munch on whatever food she liked.


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