10 Movie Mistakes You Won't Believe Made It To Screen

Someone fire the continuity editor...

Maybe we've got too much time on our hands, but there is a massive community of film fans who like nothing more than picking apart movies - pointing out the errors in the story that don't quite sit right, and taking great pleasure from spotting continuity errors in the smallest details. We wear our discoveries like smug, nerdy badges, rewarding one another for the discovery of the most inconspicuous errors, and laughing heartily at the poor unfortunate souls who missed them when it came to editing.

But sometimes, the mistakes are so ridiculous, and so glaring that it's impossible not to think that someone has willfully let them get through the filters into the film. They turned a blind eye, either for budgetary reasons or because they liked the idea of including some idiotic Easter Egg in the background, and in the process made their film notorious for reasons other than quality.

Somewhat unbelievably, there are people employed on film sets to make sure these sort of mistakes don't happen. Quite how they manage to retain their jobs and reputations baffles, but nobody ever seems to hold their hands up after the film is released to admit their errors. It's as if they came as a massive surprise, even to the editing team who spend hours and days pouring over footage to find the right shots and sequences....

This article is a celebration of 10 of the most infamous, glaring mistakes from movie history. Some were chosen because of the profile of the director, and some for the sheer idiocy - either way, they definitely shouldn't have made it into their finished cuts. So sit back and enjoy the misfortunes of others - it's surprisingly satisfying, after all.

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