10 Movie Moments More Terrifying When You Know The Truth

9. A Glacier's Movements Left Liam Neeson And Christian Bale Feeling A Bit Concerned - Batman Begins

Henry Cavill
Warner Bros. Pictures

Sticking with the practical and regularly terrifying world of shooting on a Christopher Nolan feature, Liam Neeson also fairly recently shared a story of feeling somewhat uneasy whilst shooting a stunt sequence for the iconic director.

Again, with Batman Begins being a Nolan flick, the magnificent glacier and ice pond seen during the sword exchange between Neeson's Henri Ducard and Christian Bale's Bruce Wayne were anything but CGI. And with this being a legit moving piece of massive ice, filming would regularly find itself being halted in order to ensure the environment was safe to continue shooting on.

But even with ice wranglers quickly evacuating the location every time the staggering glacier moved a couple of inches, forcing said ice to buckle before it settled shortly after, both actors regularly found themselves asking "should we be doing this?" whenever they were given the green-light to continue performing the scene.

Neeson would also openly class this spectacular force of nature as "very, very frightening" to witness and hear in the flesh. So, next time you take in his Ra's al Ghul showing the eventual Batman the ropes, do so with the knowledge of Neeson and Bale internally fearing for their lives throughout.


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