10 Movie Moments That Outraged Fanboys In 2013

We count down 10 movie moments from 2013 that sent the fanboys into a rage...

Ah, the fanboy. Has there ever been a more fitting term for a subculture of human beings? The word "fanboy" emphasises both the intense dedication and the pettiness associated with such types in one handy collection of letters. For most people, it's seen as something of a derogatory term - one they presumably brandish to describe spotty teens huddled over their computers in the clawing darkness of their rooms (which they have taken to calling the "Batcave," of course). Fanboys, as we know, are renowned for being incredibly easy to rile, and when it comes to the movies, 2013 has been a seriously good year for providing said fanboys with all the ammunition they need to go on a wild rant or two (or ten). So here we've gathered up what we feel were the 10 most controversial movie moments of the year - those that really got the fanboys in a fluster. The scariest thing of all? In some cases, they might have actually been right to get angry...

Honourable Mention: The Death of Brian Griffin - Family Guy

Exempt from the main list because, hey, it's a TV show, it was the death of beloved pooch Brian Griffin that proved the most controversial when it came to this year's television-based proceedings. The creative minds over at Family Guy (now in its twelfth season and apparently willing to do absolutely anything to bring in some extra ratings), embarked on a plot that saw Brian - arguably the show's most popular character - squashed beneath a car and fatally injured. And then, just when everybody had collectively gathered to vent their disapproval and lament on Brian's unexpected death, Family Guy brought him back to life an episode later. What was the point, you ask? There wasn't one. Obviously it was all a ploy to temporarily increase ratings on the ailing show, but it also proves that the people over at Family Guy don't give a sh*t about integrity and have no tact at all. What a ridiculous and embarrassing waste of everybody's time.

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