10 Movie Moments That Actually Happened To Actors In Real Life

9. Dolph Lundgren Quit MIT For A Girl - The Expendables 2

Blade Runner 2049 Ryan Gosling

The Expendables franchise has had a lot of fun including wink-wink meta references to the various roles its iconic ensemble cast are best known for.

But in the case of Dolph Lundgren, his unstable mercenary character Gunner Jensen was actually lent some unexpected inspiration from the actor's own personal life in the second movie.

During a chat among the group, Barney Ross (Sylvester Stallone) mentions that prior to becoming "chemically unbalanced," Gunner went to MIT, got a Master's degree in chemical engineering, and later quit studying to become a bouncer in order to get close to a "girl who danced at this disco."

This is almost all entirely true. Lundgren indeed attained his Master's degree in chemical engineering in 1982, and genuinely received a Fulbright scholarship to attend MIT thereafter.

However, he was convinced to quit studying by model-singer Grace Jones, who instead hired him as her bodyguard after meeting him at a nightclub. The pair then became lovers.

While most probably assumed the line about Gunner being secretly smart was pure fiction, it was riffing quite hilariously on how Lundgren's own intelligence has been thoroughly underestimated throughout his career.


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