10 Movie Moments We Waited Years For (That Didn't Live Up To Expectations)

8. The Bride Kills Bill

Kill Bill

From the moment the title of Quentin Tarantino's bloody revenge tale was revealed, the targets were set on where the saga would end. We knew it was to be a martial arts epic, that Uma Thurman would be a one-woman-army on a mission of vengeance after a bloody wedding day and that everything would point at her Killing Bill.

Even with the emotional ornamentation and the other story elements intertwined into that singular narrative goal, it was the be-all-and-end-all and we were all unconsciously primed for that epic battle. Even while watching the first movie, it was obvious the ending was going to be unreal, because of the extremes Tarantino was going to get there.

But Then...

No bloody, stylised battle. Nothing really to justify all of the Bride's training (beyond that one ridiculous special move). No nasty sting in the tail like we could have all been forgiven for expecting. Sure, the idea of the Bride talking Bill to death is sort of cynically fitting of a Tarantino flick, but there should have been more fireworks or an unhappy ending.


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