10 Movie Moments You've Always Misunderstood

John Blake ain't robin. Let it go.

The Dark Knight Rises John Blake Joseph Gordon Levitt
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One of the best things about cinema as a whole is the ability for different audiences to bring unique and illuminating perspectives to the table.

But sometimes people are just wrong. Like, they really miss the mark.

That's certainly the case with these 10 movie scenes, all of which have been widely misinterpreted by moviegoers at large.

Whether an alternate take was confirmed by the filmmakers themselves or it's simply made evident by close examination of the film itself, the popular understanding is just flat-out off the mark.

From character motivations that were entirely misconstrued to superhero science that isn't quite as lame as you might think, or even an apparently sequel-baiting ending that's really anything but, these scenes aren't what your first instinct tells you they are.

Again though, the beauty of film is that we're all free to draw our own conclusions beyond what's objectively spoken and shown to the audience.

But in terms of what the filmmaking and storytelling actually tells us, these are the intended through-lines of some much-debated movie scenes...


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