10 Movie Mysteries That Should NEVER Have Been Answered

8. Donnie Darko - The Director's Cut

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Director's cuts are so ubiquitous now that rumours of an alternative cut of The Rise of Skywalker are reported almost daily. Along with the Snyder cut of Justice League, these re-edits seem to have more to do with audience dissatisfaction than an attempt to bring a heavily doctored studio version back to its original artistic vision. Cynically, the studios also stand to gain extra revenue if they are prepared to finance the edit and additional marketing.

Donnie Darko was a near perfect movie. The perceived distortions of a troubled mind, Darko's investigation of the apocalypse, as prophesied by a giant talking rabbit, wax lyrical on the nature of time travel and determination.

Director Richard Kelly, armed with cult success and $290,000, released an additional 20 minute edit, now with pages of The Philosophy Of Time Travel (the expositional book) inserted into the film. Attempting to explain the 'tangent universe' as opposed to the 'primary universe,' Kelly implied Donnie had the powers of a 'living receiver', including telekinesis and premonition.

More unnecessary tinkering.

Doubling down on his manifesto-like approach to the plot after the original went over the top of several million heads seems like art but came across like vandalism instead. Why couldn't we, like Donnie, follow the clues and make our own interpretation? The worst crime, however, was the removal of The Killing Moon from the film's intro, placed later in the new cut. Sacrilege, even to a time travelling six foot talking bunny rabbit.

If it ain't broke, don't fix it.


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