10 Movie Outtakes That Should Have Stayed In

Thor, the clumsy Asgardian.

The Avengers Thor Captain America
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It's incredibly rare that filmmakers nail a scene on the first take, and as the likes of Stanley Kubrick and David Fincher have demonstrated, perfectionist directors can spend an entire day getting a single movie moment right.

But even the simplest film with the most unfussed director shoots far more material than ever makes it onto the big screen, and while most of it is understandably left on the cutting room floor, every so often an outtake is brilliant enough to warrant inclusion in the end result.

It's incredibly rare that bloopers are left in a movie intentionally - the infamous Stormtrooper head-smack in Star Wars, for instance - because it's so uncommon for them to fit the exact style and tone a filmmaker is aiming for.

But end credits blooper montages and DVD gag reels can often prove to be the most entertaining part of a movie - take Liar Liar's hysterical Jim Carrey mug-a-thon that plays through the film's end credits.

But its placement during the credits have rolled makes sense because most of the improv beats would disrupt the pace and plot of the main movie.

In the case of these 10 films, however, each left a well-suited moment on the cutting room floor, relegated to either a credits montage or home video B-roll reel that audiences could've missed entirely.

From one-off jokes to extended sequences, these 10 outtakes all deserved to make the cut in their respective movies...


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