10 Movie Plot Holes That Will Destroy Your Childhood

Wanted: security guard for dinosaur theme park. Knowledge about dinosaurs optional.

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As a decent human being with probably a million better things to do with your time, you might well be willing to forgive or overlook a plot hole in a movie that is mostly aimed at children, because kids aren't exactly on red alert when it comes to these things, are they? Especially not in the same way that adults might spend their life minutes frantically looking for plot holes; searching for glaring logical lapses is the kind of thing that list-writing internet nerds do on a frequent basis, a hobby rarely associated with our former, smaller and marginally less-intelligent selves.

And yet, as with movies of all types and genres, you'll notice that plot holes are plain and apparent in these kid-inclined flicks, too - and to some extent, they're even worse, considering how simple some of the stories are in the first place.

Because we weren't exactly primed to pick up on these things when we were young, and therefore likely missed all of them despite the fact that we spent most days just re-watching the same flicks over and over again, here's some of the most glaring movie plot holes that you probably never noticed from your favourite childhood movies...


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