10 Movie Posters That Subtly Lied To You

Size. Does. Matter.

Godzilla 1998 Tape
TriStar Pictures

It goes without saying that movie marketing should always be taken with a few grains of salt and a majorly skeptical eye, because at the end of the day, studios will do whatever they can to part you with your hard-earned cash.

And as such, it's not surprising at all that movie trailers and posters are both routinely called out by fans for majorly misrepresenting a film.

In the case of posters, some of the more outrageous examples include Scream plastering Drew Barrymore all over the place (despite her dying in the opening scene), Rogue One over-selling the minimal presence of Darth Vader, and Slumdog Millionaire being dubbed a "feel-good" film. Oof.

And while an audience's reaction to being duped will often be coloured by how good the final film actually is, there are thankfully those movies that have taken a slightly subtler, less aggressive approach to misdirecting potential viewers.

These 10 posters all tricked viewers in somewhat more benign fashion, either by cleverly concealing a major spoiler, misrepresenting oddly specific aspects of the plot and characters, or even featuring a surprise "cameo" nobody ever guessed.

Manipulative movie marketing may be a terrible practise, but at least with these examples, the sly effort made was generally more impressive than it was annoying...


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