10 Movie Props That Appeared In More Than One Film

4. Tortuous Dental Instruments

Dental DoneWhere You've Seen Them: Batman, Little Shop Of Horrors & Dead Ringers When we were first forced to endure the terror of these horrific metal tools of agony, they were being used as instruments to inflict pain by the cruel dentist Orin Scrivello in the 1986 musical Little Shop Of Horrors, Before he became sustenance for Audrey II, that is. After being used as gynecologic instruments in Dead Ringers, they leaped back into our nightmares in 1989, in Tim Burton's Batman film. They can be seen on the table in the back alley practice of the "doctor" responsible for fixing the smile of The Joker, giving birth to Jack Nicholson's version of The Man Who Laughs. Entries like this really make one wonder about the cataloging system used to keep track of such props.
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