10 Movie Ratings IMDB Got Horribly Wrong

10. Titanic (7.6)

Titanic I don't know what it is about Titanic, but it's just one of those movies that everybody loves to hate. It's often overly critiqued for its excessive length, over sentimental plotline, and its historical inaccuracies. But it seems to me like everyone just wants to jump onto the "let's hate Titanic" bandwagon without providing any valid reasons as to why. Sadly these days, it is highly dangerous for any well-respected man to state in public that he "enjoyed Titanic," for he is at risk of being labelled a pathetic and mawkish loser. But, if we rewind the clocks back to 1997 and to the film's immediate release, I'm sure you'll recall it was welcomed with widespread critical acclaim and public support; In fact it swiftly became the most popular movie of all time. So why the change of heart? There has to be a reason as to why Titanic walked away with all those Oscars back in 1997. The reason? It is a great movie. Whilst I admit the storyline may be rather clich├ęd at points, the movie remains to this day one of only three that has ever made me reach for the tissue box in the cinema. (The others being Bambi and Castaway.) The story comes to life through two remarkable leading performances by Kate Winslet and Di Caprio, and these are given strong support by some of the most superb visual effects of the day. But, the real Tour-de-force of this movie has to be the music. Celine Dion's "My Heart Will Go On" is an absolute cinematic triumph and to this day, it should be considered the greatest film music of all time. As far as I'm concerned, it really is a titanic error on behalf of the IMDB users that this film isn't even represented on the IMDB Top 250 and is rated a measly 7.6. My Rating: 8.3
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