10 Movie Reveals So Bad You Almost Walked Out

Rey Palpatine? No thanks.

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While it's unreasonable to expect a movie to give you everything you want, there are times when a big reveal is so far off-base from what most viewers desire that it basically derails the entire rest of the film.

Perhaps it's even infuriating enough that you considered walking out of the cinema, surmising that your time might be better spent beating the queues to the car park and getting the hell out of dodge.

That's absolutely the case with these 10 movies, each of which hedged their bets on some seriously questionable reveals which have rendered them pure laughing stocks ever since.

From yawn-inducing plot twists nobody asked for, to blatant character assassinations, stupid subplots, and some of the worst blockbuster CGI you'll ever see, these plot points and character reveals all fell totally flat with the vast majority of audiences.

Each of these movies were already struggling to win viewers over beforehand, but once the big moment came that was all she wrote - everybody watching knew that the movie was now caught in a death spiral from which recovery was simply impossible...

10. Blofeld Is Bond's Step-Brother - Spectre

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It was an extremely poorly kept secret that Christoph Waltz's Spectre villain, Franz Oberhauser, was actually a new take on legendary Bond antagonist Ernst Stavro Blofeld, and despite much initial excitement about this, Blofeld's re-introduction was a damn damp squib.

Waltz certainly did a fine job bringing quietly menacing presence to the character, but the late-stage reveal that Blofeld is Bond's long lost step-brother and has been the puppet-master behind the events of the three previous films was tough to take seriously.

The familial relation was literally a plot point in the third Austin Powers movie - a revelation so ridiculous it'd only make sense in a parody of a James Bond film.

And yet, Spectre ill-advisedly forged an unconvincing family link between hero and villain, while straining to connect the dots between all the prior Craig-starring 007 movies.

Though No Time to Die made a gallant attempt to tidy up Spectre's messes, having Blofeld be Bond's childhood nemesis was a "Are they even trying anymore?" moment, and to waste such a brilliant actor on such low-effort material only made it sting that much worse.


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