10 Movie Reviews Better Than The Movie Itself

Those rare moments where a critic surpassed the artist.

Red letter media
Red Letter Media

After a highly anticipated movie disappoints you, there used to be little solace to be found after the fact. You were left to just ruminate on it and discuss your displeasure with some unassuming friends.

Well, not anymore, as now people have the ability to pop onto YouTube, see a review for that disappointing movie in which a person perfectly verbalizes ALL of those negative feelings into an (often) lengthy, well-written breakdown of the entire film.

It doesn't matter if it's a major blockbuster that was in theatres worldwide or a micro-budgeted flick you hadn't heard of that the reviewer somehow hooks you into still checking out, there's a distinct sense of artistry in dissecting a film in an impressively entertaining way.

The best ones are never just about dumping on a movie or talking about how good it is since that can quickly get repetitive. Instead, these examples will find some creative ways of criticizing the movies, but they always add a little something else to enhance it.

For this list, we'll look at reviews that break films down to a simplistic level, both in straightforward and/or in-depth ways. There may be skits, there may be recurring gags, and there's usually a quickened play-by-play of each movie's events, just so the viewer doesn't get lost.

10. Ghostbusters (2016) - Red Letter Media

The 2016 all-female reboot of Ghostbusters was something of a lightning rod for the pop culture community. It got an absurd amount of coverage and got a whole lot of people angry due to cast and crew members being dismissive of criticism and labelling many fans (both toxic and non-toxic) as, well, toxic. All of this nonsense finally led up to an extremely forgettable, weak comedy that was never worth all the hassle.

Thankfully, what moviegoers lost in the two hours they spent watching this movie they gained with Plinkett's review of the film. A movie reviewer character created by the YouTube channel Red Letter Media, Plinkett takes on the notorious remake with a mix of crude humor and legitimately-excellent film analysis.

He doesn't just say the jokes are bad, he even takes the time to recut scenes so that the jokes WOULD work. It breaks down to the film's core exactly why Ghostbusters simply didn't work, especially compared to the 1984 original.

A prominent point made throughout is the remake's inferiority to the original, and it's proven through side-by-side scene comparisons and direct examples. No matter your opinion, this review offers excellent reasoning and plenty of laughs.

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