10 Movie Rules That Make No Sense

No-kill policies just aren't realistic.

Harry Potter This Makes No Sense
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In the fantastical world of Hollywood filmmaking, it's not so much important that films be "realistic," but simply that they adhere to their own internal logic - that is, lay down some clear rules and stick to them throughout.

But as we all know, that's a lot easier said than done, especially in franchise cinema which potentially invites a diverse array of different voices lending their own knowledge (or lack thereof) to a project.

But sometimes it's also simply a case of a single screenwriter failing to fact-check their own movie, or perhaps even trying to slip a contradiction past audiences in the hope they either don't notice or don't care.

Yet care audiences certainly did where these 10 movie rules are concerned. Each is a firmly established rule which governs its respective movie, and yet, each also fell apart like wet toilet paper the moment audiences stopped and thought about them for more than a few seconds.

While in most cases the movies are good enough to survive the internal rule-breaking, they're nevertheless all major sticking points for the most committed die-hard fans...

10. Don't Feed Gremlins After Midnight - Gremlins

Harry Potter This Makes No Sense

The Gremlins movies are of course governed by three seemingly specific rules: don't get the cute creatures wet, don't expose them to bright lights, and most importantly, don't feed them after midnight.

We all know what happens when these rules are inevitably broken - Gizmo spawns mogwai out of his back which eventually transform into evil Gremlins - and while the first two rules make perfectly simple sense, the third remains a major point of contention among fans.

The issue is that "after midnight" is a vague and relative term. When does the post-midnight period end? And as briefly, hilariously mentioned in the sequel, what happens if a mogwai crosses time zones?

Sure, fans have theorised that a mogwai can't be fed again until sunrise, but this isn't information that the movie gives us, and so the precise mechanics of their physiology are left needlessly ambiguous.


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