10 Movie Scenes Actors Refused To Shoot

9. Eddie Murphy Refused To Shoot A Scene With Steve Irwin & An Alligator - Dr. Dolittle 2

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Despite the Dr. Dolittle movies revolving around a man who can talk to animals, star Eddie Murphy is reportedly terrified of live animals, and so while shooting his two Dr. Dolittle films insisted that as many of the animals as possible be created digitally.

Murphy therefore spent most of his time on both sets working opposite thin air, though on the second movie a scene was written involving Dolittle and Steve Irwin where Irwin is attacked by an alligator.

Director Steve Carr originally proposed to Murphy that the scene be filmed with a living, breathing alligator, but Murphy flatly refused, and only later agreed to shoot an amended version of the scene after it was agreed that the alligator would be created in post-production. In Murphy's own words:

"I said, 'Hey man, I'm not doing anything with an alligator.' I mean, what's Steve Irwin going to do if the alligator jumps on me - narrate while I'm getting ripped?"


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