10 Movie Scenes Everyone Gets Wrong

Social media has ruined Ghostbusters' "ghostjob" scene.

Ghostbusters Ray
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The beauty of film is that audiences are free to interpret scenes however they want, as often results in fascinating cinematic discourse online.

But sometime folks are just flat-out wrong.

Inspired by this recent Reddit thread on the subject, these 10 movie scenes have all been wildly misinterpreted by audiences en masse, whether because they weren't paying sufficient attention or simply failed to grasp what the filmmakers were actually going for.

In some cases the writing and direction was clearly at fault, while in others you might be compelled to question whether viewers at large were actually engaged with the story at all.

Either way, these 10 scenes have been hilariously and concerningly misread by vast swaths of cinemagoers.

From wildly misinterpreting the tone and intent of a scene to straight-up seeing something that isn't there and even getting a character's name wrong, it seems like just about everybody whiffed on these movie moments.

Of course we're not calling out everyone here, and no, failing to "get" these scenes doesn't make you stupid, but it is certainly troubling just how many people got the totally wrong end of the cinematic stick...

10. The "Khan!" Scene Isn't William Shatner Overacting - Star Trek II: The Wrath Of Khan

Ghostbusters Ray

If you look up "overacting" in the dictionary, you'll rightly find a picture of William Shatner, but his most widely-mocked bout of scenery-chewing actually isn't at all. Or at least, not in the way so many people think.

Even people who've never seen a single episode of Star Trek might be familiar with Captain Kirk's (Shatner) infamous "Khaaaan!" scream in Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan.

Kirk bleats the legendary villain's name in hilariously exaggerated fashion after Khan (Ricardo Montalbán) leaves him marooned on the planetoid Regula.

To the inobservant observer, this is simply Shatner hamming up his performance for the cheap seats in the most meme-worthy fashion.

But that's not really what's happening here. It's Kirk who is overacting, given that he knows full well that he and Spock (Leonard Nimoy) have set a trap for Khan, but he can't give any inkling of this, and so plays the part of being absolutely incensed just as Khan would expect.

Make no mistake, Shatner does plenty of overacting elsewhere throughout the movie, but in the scene he's been so regularly indicted for? Absolutely not.


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