10 Movie Scenes That Affected Actors In Profound Ways

Which Magnolia scene helped make Austin Butler the actor he is today?

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Movies are a powerful thing.

After witnessing one particular scene, you can be left sobbing like an infant or feeling like you can take on the world. And in the case of the following actors, specific sequences and exchanges were so damn impactful, they affected them in ways they likely didn't realise a bunch of moving pictures ever could.

Said hugely affecting moments can come at any time, too.

Some folks were massively influenced and moved by an incredible on-screen back-and-forth at a young age. Whereas others found themselves unexpectedly relating to characters much later in life before realising it may be time for a life-altering change.

And these powerful scenes come in all shapes and sizes, with childhood animations, classic crime flicks, and Oscar-winning musicals all making their mark on well-known actors over the years.

So, from joining the millions who were deeply moved by one of the most shocking animated deaths of all time, to opening shots that soon created a dream that would ultimately be fulfilled, it's time to take a closer look at those movie moments that affected some of the industry's finest in truly profound ways.

10. An Over-Dressing Scene Makes Kerry Condon Want To Be The Person Who Evokes Feelings - Dogfight

Tom Cruise Magnolia
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Popping up in everything from the MCU, to The Banshees of Inisherin, to Better Call Saul over the course of her impressive career, the brilliant Kerry Condon knew at an early age precisely what sort of actor she wanted to be.

And it all started back when she took in 1991's Dogfight (via A.Frame.Oscars.Org).

For those unaware, the film centres around a party known as the "dogfight", with various lads about to be sent off to Vietnam all competing to see which cruel soldier can bring the ugliest date to the gathering.

This is how River Phoenix's Eddie Birdlace and Lili Taylor's Rose Fenny meet, with the latter eventually being so nervous about the idea of going out on the town with the former that she rather hilariously over-dresses in one scene.

Seeing Taylor fully commit to believing she looked anything but ridiculous when she wandered down the stairs to meet Birdlace was a key moment in young Condon's life. It was here when the eventual Oscar nominee realised how many more interesting characters were available to play once you put aside your own vanity.

And Taylor was so moving as Rose in this moment, it made Conlon want to be the sort of person who evokes feelings rather than just trying to be attractive as "that way, it would resonate with lots of women".

Job done, then.


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