10 Movie Scenes With Unexpected Influences

Yes, Mr. Bean inspired THAT Glass Onion ending.

Glass Onion Bean
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Even the most seemingly unique and original movies are undeniably inspired and influenced by the world around them, with filmmakers often turning to unexpected places to fuel their creativity when writing a script or shooting a scene.

Yet when filmmakers are smart about it, it's often difficult or nigh-on impossible to recognise the influence, unless they themselves are actually upfront about it and freely willing to discuss their inspiration.

And so while you might give the writers and directors all the credit for these memorable movie scenes, as it turns out they actually owe a small but significant debt to something else entirely.

Perhaps a scene is subtly nodding to a prior movie, paying homage to another medium entirely, or simply based on a fascinating real-life event.

Whatever the influence, these scenes came to fruition thanks to a most surprising source, proving the multi-faceted means through which an unforgettable movie scene can be assembled.

And so, the next time your brain tells you that a scene feels a little bit familiar, there's a good chance you're actually not overthinking it at all...

10. The Fight Scenes Were Influenced By Anime - Creed III

Glass Onion Bean
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If you know much at all about Michael B. Jordan, you'll probably be aware that he's a huge fan of anime, and so when he took to the directing chair for the recent Creed III, he opted to impart a little anime influence on the movie's stylish boxing fight scenes.

For the fight choreography, Jordan looked to the likes of Megalobox, Naruto, One Piece, Hajime No Ippo, and Dragon Ball Z to give the brutal slug-fests a more heightened, surreal look.

One memorable example occurs during the final battle between Donnie (Jordan) and Dame Anderson (Jonathan Majors), where Donnie takes a colossally hefty gut-punch from Dame, as is framed to resemble the episode where Goku delivers a devastating Meteor Smash to Frieza.

Jordan has also confirmed that the beat where Donnie and Dame punch each other in the face at the exact same time was lifted from Naruto, where Naruto and Sasuke have done the very same thing to one another numerous times.

And yet despite this unexpected and outlandish influence, Jordan thankfully doesn't end up making Creed III's fight scenes too cartoonish for their own good.

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