10 Movie Secrets Hidden In Single Frames

Blink and you'll completely miss these movie secrets hiding in single frames...

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The practise of sneaking many an Easter egg or story-enriching detail into the background of a feature has been prevalent in the moviemaking business for an age, with the likes of Marvel Studios and Lucasfilm in particular seemingly aiming to stuff each and every frame with as much crowd-popping information as humanly possible.

Yet, stumbling upon a subtle cameo in the background or seemingly throwaway reference to another corner of a cinematic universe is one thing. Managing to catch a glance at a detail so sneaky that it only occupies one single frame of film is something else entirely.

In the case of the following collection of blink-and-you'll-miss-'em visuals and revelations, you'd more than be forgiven for not being privy to their unexpected appearance upon a first watch of the films they're attached to. But once you skilfully find a way to either pause or just hone in on the fleeting instances of inside jokes or clever foreshadowing, you'll likely never look at the scenes they belong to the same way ever again.

From jaw-dropping animated costume malfunctions to audacious cameos in the midst of promotional material, these single frames harboured some truly brilliant discoveries.

Before we begin, we need to shout out R/MovieDetails for spotting and sharing so many of these in the first place

10. Betty's Boops Make A Brief Appearance - Who Framed Roger Rabbit?

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Proving to be the stuff of movie legend for many a late '80s and early '90s kid growing up around the time of its release, a great number of these randy teenagers would spend an awkward amount of time trying to accurately pause on the supposed moment a certain provocative animated character apparently flashed their screens in Who Framed Roger Rabbit?

Far from simply being an underground marketing tactic to nudge youngsters into taking in the flick time and time again, though, Reddit user TehBazzard was able to actually land on the infamous beat involving Betty Boop suffering an unfortunate wardrobe malfunction beside Bob Hoskins' Eddie Valiant.

Rather expectedly, this cheeky slip was edited out of the eventual home releases of the animated comedy, with only those who experienced the theatrical cut being exposed to these Boops for a single frame.

Another since erased moment of animated raunchiness could be found in Jessica Rabbit's unfortunate ejecting from a taxi in the flick, too, with the LaserDisc edition of the film supposedly playing host to brief instances of nudity in this sequence.

These animators clearly had a bit too much time on their hands...

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