10 Movie Secrets Never Meant To Be Found

God bless home video.

Aladdin 1992

One of the many joys of getting to revisit your favourite movies on home video is, of course, having the ability to catch everything you missed at the cinema.

Your average blockbuster has such a density of information, both visual and aural, that it's impossible to take everything in, and many modern films will continue to reveal new layers for literally dozens of viewings.

Easter egg hunting is one thing, but what about those secrets that filmmakers were confident audiences would never discover?

In decades past before DVD or perhaps even VHS was a thing, many filmmakers and craftsfolk didn't really consider how heavily their work might be scrutinised in the future.

And so, watching these films on contemporary formats with the benefit of freeze-frame, we can find those sneaky, sometimes downright rude secrets that the culprits themselves never thought we'd have a chance of finding.

Granted, they're not all sex gags hidden in animated films - though a lot of them certainly are - but each was largely planted within the film as an in-joke never intended to be experienced by the average audience member.

But for better or worse, the eagle-eyed public eventually stumbled upon them...


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