10 Movie Sequel Recastings That Were TERRIBLE

Moral of the story: don't try to replace Robin Williams.

Terrible Movie Recastings
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When it comes to making a movie, the main aspect of its production people latch onto and discuss is the casting, which can lead to some fairly heated debates.

Never is the topic of casting more contentious and debated than when it comes to making remakes or sequels to other, popular movies, especially when new actors are brought in to replace original cast members.

Now, recasting isn't always bad - just look at what Mark Ruffalo and Don Cheadle achieved in the MCU, or how brilliant Donald Glover was as Lando Calrissian - but for the most part the whole idea of replacing one actor with another can end in severe disappointment.

Such is the case with these ten actors, who were each sent into an established franchise or an anticipated sequel to fill the shoes of another star who either couldn't return to the role in question, was actively being replaced, or was simply not interested in playing the character anymore.

Though not all the films on this list are completely terrible, switching actors certainly didn't do them any favours...

10. Ben Affleck - Jack Ryan (The Sum Of All Fears)

Terrible Movie Recastings
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The early 2000s were a rough time for Ben Affleck, who despite some solid roles in early Kevin Smith projects and an Oscar win for writing Good Will Hunting, was quickly cast in a series of all-round duds that derailed his career.

Between the unforgivable likes of Pearl Harbor, Gigli and Daredevil, the actor also found his way into the spy thriller The Sum of All Fears, based on the novel of the same name by the late Tom Clancy.

Before Affleck had stepped into the role of protagonist Jack Ryan, the character had been portrayed by Alec Baldwin and Harrison Ford, who each worked wonders with the source material to capture Ryan's hard-edged intensity and intelligence.

Affleck, however, failed to live up to the performances of his peers. Perhaps if he'd been given another chance to play the character in future films, he'd have worked well, but in the film he got he was ultimately a boring, out of place shell of the Jack Ryan fans were hoping to find.

It didn't help that the film itself was an absolute mess of heavy-handed politics and convenient plot devices, but even so Affleck was one of its biggest issues.


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