10 Movie Sequels Made Bad Through The Hero's Kid

Stallone Rocky V Ah, kids. Movie kids. Movie kids who suddenly pop up in sequels. It seems like a natural and logical way to carry on with the hero's life journey in a seemingly compelling and/or interesting way, as having children definitely offers more narrative possibilities than witnessing how the protagonist writes a book or plants a tree in their post-adventurous life. Having kids is a life-changing and enlightening experience for most, of course, but for some uncanny reason, no matter how happy our favorite heroes are with having and raising their own descendants, these kids tend to have a negative effect on the overall narrative of the series. Maybe this is the result of writers running out of ideas and presenting a son or daughter as a last desperate resource to keep things alive and fresh, but the fact is that more often than not, this strategy does not work. But why doesn't? Let's trawl some of the worst offenders, and see if we can find an answer to this mystery...

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