10 Movie Sequels That Basically Wrote Themselves (But Never Happened)

These sequels are so obvious that no one can understand how they haven't been made yet.

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Everyone loves a good sequel, particularly when it's for a well deserving movie. Perhaps this is why it can be so disappointing when a movie that you love, which is filled with endless potential for future storylines, never manages to inspire a follow-up.

These projects can often be abandoned when they fail to take shape, or when studios simply can't see the box office potential. Sometimes, however, the filmmakers involved just can't come up with a story they think is worth telling, no matter how potentially lucrative one could be.

Whatever the reason may be, there are some movies frustratingly overloaded with obvious sequel potential that is just waiting to be explored. It's almost impossible to imagine that any competent Hollywood screenwriter would ever struggle to come up with a decent script for these films, but somehow, they did.

These are ten movies with sequels that definitely should've happened, but ultimately, never did.

10. The Hangover 2 (A Good One)

Warner Bros.

This first entry might be considered cheating by most, given that there are already two (terrible) sequels to the first Hangover. However, there is actually a really great premise for a sequel to the original film that would have been all too easy to bring to life.

The story could have followed the "Wolf Pack" as they arrive at a destination wedding for Stu (or possibly Alan). They then embark on yet another bachelor party, despite trepidation, after becoming jealous of their partners' plans for a bachelorette party.

When they awake the next morning to find nothing out of place, they assume that everything is fine. Until, they head downstairs and discover their spouses passed out in various parts of the hotel, unable to remember last night, and the bride missing.

Taking this approach to the sequel would have allowed the filmmakers to make the necessary callbacks to the original, whilst still offering something new. It's always refreshing when an R-rated comedy is willing to show women being just as debauched as the men. It's a premise so obvious it makes you wonder just how the people behind the series managed to miss it.


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