10 Movie Sequels That Changed Their Franchise's Genre

Shifting gears for the sequel is a high risk move but Aliens certainly made it work.

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Scenario: you are the hypothetical director of a hypothetical blockbuster movie, whose first entry has hypothetically made you all the money in the god damn world. You've made your studio a very happy bunch of old white dudes, and now they want you to do it again with the sequel. But you feel you've explored all the avenues possible with Aardvark Uprising. At least in the action genre. But changing genres between sequels could never work, could it?

It's a gamble to be sure, but when a filmmaker wants - or needs - to make a sequel to a standalone film, sometimes the best possible course of action is to shift gears into a completely different genre to tell a new story with the same basic tools. When it doesn't work, all you'll end up with are grumpy studios, grumpier investors, and your name being an obnoxious Twitter punchline for the peanut gallery.

But when it works, the filmmaker behind the move is heralded as a genius and visionary. So, now that you've been put in charge of directing Aardvark Uprising 2: Aardvarks In Space, you need to know how to best shift the genre of your sequel so it doesn't blow up in your face. These ten examples are as good a place to start as any.

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