10 Movie Sequels That Completely Changed Tone

9. Batman Forever

Terminator 2
Warner Bros. Pictures

Now for a superhero movie that had almost the exact opposite effect. 1995's Batman Forever presented a change in tone that would incur the wrath of Batman fans the world over. While it is a solid film in itself, its campy presentation and whimsical humour had no echoes of Tim Burton's past two efforts with the colossal franchise.

The disappointing box office results for 1992's Batman Returns caused a knock on effect that would lead to the series lying dormant for eight long years.

The first blow dealt was Tim Burton being dismissed from the third Batman movie, with Michael Keaton closely following him out of the door. In came Joel Schumacher, a director who could be viewed as the antithesis of Burton, and he proved exactly that.

Stylistically, Batman Forever resembled nothing of Burton's work on the Caped Crusader, everything was now neon and Gotham had gone from looking like a giant cathedral to resembling the world's largest nightclub. Unfortunately, the film found success and was followed up with the infamous Batman & Robin.


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