10 Movie Sequels That Didn't Go The Way They Should Have

Did they even watch the previous film?

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"This isn't going to go the way you think," Luke Skywalker tells Rey midway through Star Wars: The Last Jedi, a line of dialogue that sums up the gist of the movie. Rian Johnson's contribution to the iconic space saga belongs to a category of sequels that subverted the audience's expectations by flying in the face of series conventions.

Some fans will tell you this was controversial, but most critics rightly hailed The Last Jedi as one of the most unpredictable films of 2017. It was by no means the first sequel to turn out like nobody expected, and when other franchise fodder has attempted this, the results haven't always been so inspired.

When filmmakers get bold and daring and deviate from the established norm, they run the risk of incurring a fan backlash. In the case of Star Wars Episode VIII, this was unfairly the case, though in other instances it was completely justified.

There are sequels that leave you wondering if the creative team knew what the previous movie stood for, or even bothered to watch it at all, like this lot, for instance.

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