10 Movie Sequels That Keep Getting Teased (But Probably Won't Happen)

9. The Big Lebowski 2

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The Coen Brothers aren’t known as franchise filmmakers. Examples of follow-ups to their works, such as the hugely successful Fargo TV series, have their involvement as producers, but the siblings have made a point of avoiding sequels to their films, although they have expressed interest in making a follow-up to Barton Fink, but not “until Turturro is quite old”.

However, one of their most beloved movies, The Big Lebowski, ends on something of a sequel setup, as Sam Elliott’s Stranger reminds viewers of the “little Lebowski on the way”.

This inevitably provided room for speculation, and while nothing has come from the Coens directly, followers of the Dude have been picking up on hints for years, most of which don’t lead anywhere, such as when Jeff Bridges teased the character’s return, only for it to be for a beer advertisement. The closest thing to a true Big Lebowski sequel is 2019’s The Jesus Rolls, a spin-off about John Turturro’s Jesus Quintana.

Of all the sequels on this list, this one is more on the speculative side, but there is certainly enough fan demand, as well as enough character mileage, to warrant a Big Lebowski 2 at some point.


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