10 Movie Sequels That MOCKED What Fans Hated

How satisfying.

No movie can please everyone, but on the other hand, there are films that seem to go out of their way to annoy fans, by making baffling creative calls and perhaps even betraying the spirit of their respective franchise.

Though arrogant filmmakers and studios will often stay the established course for the sequel and pay no attention to viewers' misgivings, many are thankfully self-aware enough to change tack while poking a little fun at what came before.

These 10 movies, all franchise sequels which held the baggage of a disgruntled fanbase, decided to co-opt the frustration by actually making light of it, as if to tell the audience, "We get it, and it (hopefully) won't happen again."

Did all of these movies decisively compensate for the offputting nonsense fans had to deal with previously? No, but it was still refreshing to see writers and directors clearly listening to audiences and throwing in a cathartic gag or two for our collective amusement.

Whether as a bit of playful fun or a genuinely pointed grievance, these movies all expressed their disapproval of that which fans hated most...

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