10 Movie Sequels That Turn Wimps Into Total Badasses

9. Donkey - Shrek 2

The Mummy Rachel Weisz
DreamWorks Pictures

In the first Shrek movie, Donkey is the literal definition of a wimp.

He was an annoying coward for the duration of that film, displaying reluctance at every step of Shrek's mission to rescue Princess Fiona from the claws of a fire-breathing dragon, and his spinelessness was only amplified when compared to Shrek's brazen, 'I don't care about anything that's in my way' attitude.

And then, in 2004's Shrek 2, he was magically transformed - with the help of a potion - into a white, buff, majestic stallion, complete with all the confidence that would come with being a 1000lb sack of pure muscle.

The character still retained his grating case of verbal diarrhoea but became more of a go-getter, and ditched that unwillingness to risk his skin to help others - all because of his new-found physical prowess.

The lesson? If you have self-esteem issues, drink a magic potion to make them all go away. It's called beer.


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