10 Movie Sequels We Secretly Want To See

Ramona Flowers Vs Scott Pilgrim's Evil Exes next, perhaps...?

Scott Pilgrim 2
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If you're a cynic, you probably hate the fact that the Hollywood machine is fuelled by a seemingly endless stream of sequels and franchise movies, but box office numbers don't tend to lie and the people like dependable, familiar characters and stories. So sequels are going to stay on the menu.

That being said, it doesn't quite mean that Hollywood necessarily makes the RIGHT sequels, though. Because while there always seems to be a Riddick movie in production and there are roughly 14 million Amityville Horror movies, some movies that really deserve a follow-up are yet to get one. Despite how brilliant we all know they'd be.

So let's right some wrongs and talk up the sequels that Hollywood really should be making right now. Maybe they'll even happen some day. Maybe. And if they do, all will be well with the world...

Honourable Mention

Hocus Pocus 2

Hocus Pocus 2

The things that could have been! After years of fake posters whipping up a social media storm, we finally got confirmation that a new Hocus Pocus movie will be made. Sadly, it's going to be a remake and the original cast won't be involved. Either the new Disney+ platform or Freeform will apparently play host to it.

Disney might have faith in the brand, but a sequel is what fans wanted - nay, practically bayed for - and it's hard not to hope just the tiniest bit that the remake fails and we get a revival sequel in the same vein as the forthcoming Ghostbusters 3.


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