10 Movie Sequels You Won't Believe Are Happening

Django will return. And he's not coming alone...

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Hollywood loves sequels as much as... well, as much as Hollywood loves big pots of money that can be filled thanks to captive audiences who will happily lap up established brands. In the cases of some rather notorious mega-franchises, fans will continue to do that even after the films starring their favourites stop being any good.

But that kind of dependability is what really gets studio executives hot under the collar. If there's even the remotest chance of spinning more money out of a property, even when critics hated it or even if there's something inherently flawed in the logic of making a sequel (including how much the world has moved on from the original), they'll take it.

And it's that kind of thinking that has ensured that the coming years will see the release of some movie sequels that you probably never expected to ever see...

10. Bright 2

Bright 2

Who says critics have any say on a film's audience potential? Well, lots of people, actually, but Netflix is a completely different beast and as Adam Sandler's continued appeal on that platform has proven, it's a place somewhat insulated from critical maulings.

That was particularly clear for Bright, which was panned by critics, despite the concept of a buddy cop movie in a fantasy world of orcs, fairies and dragons being great and talents as big as Will Smith and Joel Edgerton starring. It was, by most metrics, a bad movie, but it was also well pushed by Netflix and was watched by at least 11 million viewers, becoming one of Netflix's highest streamed movies ever.

Naturally, that meant a sequel is on the way, with David Ayer directing and Smith and Edgerton returning. It's not being written by Max Landis this time, which is probably a blessing given the criticisms of his script, and new writer Evan Spiliotopoulos has some previous writing fantasy movies, so it might be a step up. Maybe.


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