10 Movie Sequels You Won't Believe Are Happening

8. Willow Part 2

Willow Poster

It's now been 30 years since the world was invited to fall in love with Warwick Davis for the first time and strangely, it looks like we might be getting a continuation of the role that really launched his career.

In 1988, Ron Howard and George Lucas made Willow, starring Davis as a dwarf who aspires to be a sorceror and who embarks on an adventure with Val Kilmer's warrior to save a baby from jean Marsh's evil queen. The original is a cult classic and you can see the appeal in a post-Game Of Thrones world to revisit the fantasy universe.

That said, like the Dark Crystal revival, it's a strange place to return after so long no matter how many fans the original had. But the decision to make it as a series for Disney+ (as announced recently) is probably a smarter one than putting it out to cinemas.

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