10 Movie Sets That Were (Allegedly) Haunted

Thought Annabelle was scary? Wait to you hear what happened behind the scenes...

For the most part, movie sets are not the magical theatre of dreams that behind-the-scenes documentaries and fawning features in magazines make them out to be. Usually, they're either really boring, or really stressful, depending on what your role is. Teamsters, members of the crew and directors are working almost constantly for 18+ hour days; the actors spend more time mooching in their trailers than in front of cameras. The notable exception to this rule is horror movie sets. Strangely, they appear to be home to all manner of supernatural disturbances. You can either chalk that up to overzealous marketing folks spicing up press releases by claiming their films are spooky both on and off camera. Or you could be less of a party pooper. Perhaps the reason so many such films inspire stories of bizarre goings on during production - stuff going missing, lights flickering, a frankly worrying amount of things catching fire and people dying - is because, by toying with forces beyond our control, the filmmakers are inviting the intervention of the very spirits they hope to accurately document on screen. Whatever the reason, there's been no shortage of films that were supposedly home to some restless souls other than the actors. Here are ten movie sets that were (allegedly) haunted.

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