10 Movie Special Effects Nobody Believed

Movie magic at its finest.

Star Wars The Force Awakens BB8

In its finest moments, Hollywood truly is a dream factory where the unbelievable becomes the believable, brought to life by incredibly talented and dedicated craftspeople of all kinds.

And while it's easy to bemoan the over-abundance of soulless CGI in movies today, a great special effect can stand the test of time whether it was achieved practically or digitally

Case in point, we have these 10 brain-melting special effects, each of them achieved with a ludicrously degree of creativity, such that audiences never would've guessed they were achieved quite this way.

From filmmakers employing decades-old practical tricks rather than cheaper and more time-effective CGI, to mind-blowing stunts that were somehow achieved without a green screen and, yes, even the occasional sneaky use of CGI itself, these movies represent the truly escapist, transformative power of special effects.

It's easy to see how everyone was fooled when these movies first came out, and even to this day, more casual viewers may still not be aware of exactly how these all-timer effects were pulled off...


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