10 Movie Stars Who Should Never Promote Anything (Ever)

9. Kristen Stewart

Very few Hollywood stars appear as uncomfortable on camera as€™s Kristen Stewart. You imagine that her tics as an actor - the twitching, fidgeting, playing with her hair, biting her lip and staring off into the distance - are just that, but when you watch her interviewed, you begin to realise that these are her real life mannerisms creeping through.

At least the magic of the editing room removes the long, tortuous pauses that are her trademark whenever she€™s asked a question.

Often awkward, uncommunicative, even surly... Stewart is like a sulky teenager asked to tell the class what she did in the holidays. Now, it€™s absolutely fair enough if she doesn€™'t like doing press, appearing on talk shows or being interviewed about her work (or indeed at all)... but that€™'s when you€™'re gently removed from the process. Accentuate the strength and hide the negatives, people.


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