10 Movie Stars You Didn't Know Were Completely Weird In Real Life

All that fame can do strange things to a person...

If there's one thing that might drastically change someone's personality it's being a world-famous movie star. Thrown into the spotlight and no longer able to walk down the street without being recognised by countless strangers seeking your autograph, it's inevitable that such levels of fame would change the person you are. For the most part, movie stars generally come across as reasonably well adjusted individuals with no obvious eccentricities. But there are some exceptions - few people, for instance, are unfamiliar with the exploits of child actor turned movie star Shia LeBeouf. Whether he's turning up at film festivals with "I Am Not Famous Anymore" written on a bag on his head or appearing in dodgy music videos with children, he's renowned for his controversial behaviour perhaps more than anyone else working in the industry today. LaBeouf might be the most obvious candidate for completely weird Hollywood star, but he's certainly not alone. Other actors also have their own peculiar habits which are perhaps far less known to the general public, whether it's snogging their brother for the cameras to collecting dolls. The following list covers 10 movie stars you probably didn't know were completely weird. You could say it comes with the territory of being world-famous.

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