10 Movie Sub-Plots That Were More Interesting Than The Main Story

10. Nelson And Murdoch Attorneys At Law - Daredevil (2003)

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The 2003 version of Daredevil is one of the most hated-on Marvel adaptations ever, with even star man Ben Affleck expressing regret at ever taking on the role. That regret was shared by countless fans of the Devil of Hell's Kitchen, though while Affleck and director Mark Steven Johnson usually take the brunt of the blame, the film was actually doomed in the editing room.

The directors cut of the film revealed a feature-spanning sub-plot that not only complimented the main story, but was actually more interesting than it in a number of ways. The deal with Matt Murdoch and his partner Foggy Nelson is that they kick ass both on the street and in the courts of law, though the bulk of the legal side of the battle was cut for the theatrical release.

The deleted thread involved a drug addict played by Coolio and shows how Foggy (Jon Favreau) and investigative journalist Ben Ulrich (Joe Pantoliano) play their part in helping Matt bring down the Kingpin (Michael Clarke Duncan) though investigatory work and the collection of solid evidence, a part of Daredevil's game that is simply ignored in the theatrical cut.

While it might not sound like a particularly exciting sub-plot, it becomes the most interesting aspect of the film not only because it features two great actors in Favreau and Pantoliano, but because everything around it is such a hot mess. The inclusion of actual violence in the R-rated directors cut does make the fight scenes a tad more watchable, though the real action takes place in the court room.


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