10 Movie Superheroes Ruined By Terrible CGI

9. Johnny Blaze (Ghost Rider)

Ang Lee Hulk
Sony Pictures

Heavy CGI usage in the Nicolas Cage-fronted Ghost Rider and its sequel Spirit of Vengeance was pretty much unavoidable, since dousing a stunt double with gasoline and setting their head on fire wouldn't have been an option.

Unfortunately for Johnny Blaze fans, when he was in full flaming skull mode, the effects were ropey even by 2007 standards. Needless to say, they haven't aged well and now look like something from a bad Xbox 360 game, before post-production.

The scenes in which Cage takes on the form of the vengeful spirit aren't the only offenders. There's a sequence where a jacked-up Blaze is checking out his newly-acquired abs in a mirror, and here, the actor's torso has clearly been tampered with.

Although Cage got himself in good shape for the role, before and after pics confirm that he had a little help from the special effects department, and that has to go down as one of the most pointless instances of CGI usage in recent memory.

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