10 Movie Threequels That Redeemed Their Franchise

Once, twice, three times a movie.

Marvel Studios

Threequels come in all shapes and sizes.

There's the critically-acclaimed trilogy closer, that although not has good as previous entries was still a fitting effigy to what came before it like Indiana Jones & The Last Crusade, Toy Story 3, Godfather Part III - yes, really. There's also the breezy, thinky entry that carried on a series for years to come like Stolen Kisses and Before Midnight. And then there's the spectacularly bad entry that manages to sully an entire franchise like Superman III, Spider-Man 3 and Blade: Trinity).

It's this contrast in quality that makes film fans a bit wary when a third entry in a best-loved series is announced.

But this article isn't just interested in the good, great and godawful; instead, this is a celebration of that rare threequel that managed to either salvage damage done by a dodgy sequel before it or that is so fantastic it sends a franchise spinning off into even bigger success.

While some of these films may have you scrambling to the comments section in a baffled rage, and there's no doubt that others may be personal favourites, no matter what the quality of these films is, they all share the same trait in that they brought a series back from the brink of oblivion. That is the mark of a truly great... threequel.


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