10 Movie Trailers That Cleverly Hid Huge Spoilers

Masterfully manipulated.

Marvel Studios

In one way or another, movie trailers are all about manipulating the audience, to the extent that nervous movie studios may spoil the entire damn movie in the quest to get butts in seats.

But every so often, movie marketing will go in entirely the opposite direction, taking special pains to obfuscate the truth and prevent the audience from figuring out epic spoilers.

Just look at all those current rumours about the trailers for Avengers: Endgame being majorly unrepresentative of the final product. Wait and see.

After all, in the age of ultra-detailed HD trailers and obsessive fans who tirelessly pore over every last frame, studios need to be craftier than ever to ensure they don't let crucial details slip through the cracks.

These 10 films, then, each managed to serve up genuinely shocking and jaw-dropping moments thanks to marketing that sneakily concealed the truth.

In some cases you can argue the manipulation verged on the unfair, but in each case, it helped retain a major plot secret for as long as possible...


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