10 Movie Trilogies That Must Be Completed


It's easy to lament Hollywood for its lack of originality - given how many movies released each year are sequels, prequels, remakes, reboots, reimaginings and adaptations - but isn't it frustrating when the movies we actually want to get a sequel don't get one? Though the movies were successful enough to earn one sequel, they're still another away from being a trilogy, as is the fashionable Hollywood formula for big movies. These 10 movie series all have one thing in common - they have plenty left to examine for a third go-around, and there's without question a fanbase who wants to see it happen. So, why haven't they been released yet? The excuses are varied and mostly unconvincing, ranging from scheduling conflicts to creative disagreements, and a little more understandably, financial cold feet on the part of the studio. Still, there's a good chance that these 10 sequels, with the right marketing, would be hits in their own rights...

10. 28 Days Later

28 Days LaterThe Movie: Set 28 months after the initial outbreak, 28 Months Later follows a new set of characters as they attempt to survive the Rage virus, which has now spread from the UK and infected a good deal of the world (as we saw at the end of 28 Weeks Later, where Paris was also in its grip). Is It Happening?: Though not as successful as the original film, Weeks did well enough that Danny Boyle began talking about a third film in the series, claiming that he had an idea for the story, and had to meditate on it for a little while. Writer Alex Garland, however, made it clear that there was a war for the rights to the franchise, and unless the relevant parties were to communicate, 28 Months Later would essentially be stuck in production limbo forever more. Likelihood: Boyle himself gave us some exact odds, stating, "t's 40/60 whether happens or not", so straight from the horse's mouth, it's 4/10.

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