10 Movie Villain Twists Everyone Hated

Not every twist can be clever...


Everyone has been there at least once... really enjoying a movie as it weaves its story and suddenly there's the twist!

You may have seen it coming, or been completely blindsided, but someone you've been following the whole movie is the REAL villain...except rather than being the evil icing on the cake, they ruin it completely.

Perhaps the twist is badly written or executed, perhaps completely the wrong actor was cast or their performance goes too crazed or hammy to be taken seriously? Perhaps their motivation or explanation doesn't make sense? or maybe it just ruins a character that didn't need to be the bad guy.

Here are 10 of the worst of all time!


10. Talia Al Ghul - The Dark Knight Rises

Warner Bros.

Christopher Nolan's The Dark Knight redefined the concept of what a comic-book movie could be. It's follow-up arguably began DC's decline which hampered their attempts for many years to come.

Deprived of Heath Ledger's revolutionary Joker due to his untimely death, Nolan turned to Tom Hardy and a take on the Occupy movements that were prevalent. However he was unable to contain the leaks in the Hollywood press, meaning when Marion Colitard's casting was announced, it was almost immediately obvious she would be Talia Al-Ghul.

While Hardy chose an unusual voice, his Bane was convincing...he really looked like he "broke the Bat" and his storyline seemed logical and interesting. Then....swerve...

Miranda Tate, who had been set up as Bruce's benevolent love interest of course became Talia, but took the story that had been carefully built for Bane, leaving him almost her attack dog. This of course would be fine, if the performance and finale lived up to the conceit. Except Colitard suddenly changed from level-headed, calculating to deranged. It was like she watched Tommy Lee Jones in Batman Forever for inspiration.

As she tries to complete her plan and is finally defeated, she then delivered a death scene that is actually worse than the infamous classic you can find below. For the hot new actress to deliver such a stinker would sink many careers. Arguably Cotillard was a risk rather than a poor choice, she looked and sounded the part but just seemed to misread the tone.

Add to this a confusing ending, with Bruce seemingly have given up the cowl, and a clumsy reveal of who Robin/Nightwing would be a disappointing end to what is still a ground-breaking trilogy.


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