10 Movie Villains Who Caused Their Own Defeats

Turns out Thanos wasn't so inevitable after all...

Marvel Studios

One of the hardest things to do in a movie is to come up with a plausible, yet satisfying way for the bad guy to be defeated. Will the hero suddenly gain a useful power that helps them beat their enemy? Will the villain make an error that sends them on the path towards failure? Or will the two simply have a good old fashioned brawl, where the protagonist comes out on top?

There are a lot of risks involved when crafting such a conclusion, because, if done incorrectly, the baddies might look downright incompetent or the hero might look alarmingly overpowered. Other times, the main catalyst is actually the villain themselves, when they make a mistake that leads to their own defeat, and ultimately have to take a lot of the blame for the scenario that destroys them.

The heroes in these stories weren't useless by any means, but they were given a massive assist by their villains, who committed a huge gaffe that sealed their eventual defeat. This lot definitely got what they deserved, and in the end, it was their fault.


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