10 Movie Villains Who Won AFTER They Died

You expected them to die, but you didn’t expect them to actually succeed...

Warner Bros.

Who doesn’t love a good movie villain? Usually, they steal the best scenes and take the audience along a rollicking good adventure, matching the hero's strength and resourcefulness by being a seemingly unstoppable force.

Naturally, audiences expect the bad guy to meet his or her maker at the end of a film. Even though that doesn’t always happen, it is usually a safe bet that the villain will be vanquished, allowing peace and tranquillity to be restored.

However, don’t always bet on that being the case. The darkest of films often take a step that allows the bad guy (either in that film or over the course of several films) to triumph, either directly or indirectly, in whole or in part.

For instance, their evil scheme may finally be achieved without their further intervention or the so-called villain may actually be no better or worse than the character that the audience perceives as being the hero. The villain may even achieve some other form of victory that is only vaguely related to their actual scheme, gaining some small measure of victory, even if their main goals are thwarted.


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